“As long as I am able to read, I will be subscribing to The Senior Paper! It's a wonderful paper and I tell everyone they should get it!”

Emilia M., Alberta

Subscriber since 2015

For seniors,
by seniors!

Precious memories of the past and timeless photos of the good ol' days printed in large type for easy reading, The Senior Paper is a vibrant community of seniors across Canada sharing stories and photos from bygone eras, original poetry, delicious homestyle recipes, and much more!

There's nothing else quite like it!

Seniors sharing personal, heartfelt memories, without any of today's negative news! Every issue is filled with great stories and wonderful, relatable memories. You just don't find that in many publications these days and it's why seniors love The Senior Paper!

The Senior Paper

The Senior Paper is a paid-subscription publication with subscribers across Canada. Published the first Monday of each month 11-times per year (every month except August), we've been going strong for over 43 years.

We publish postive stories and heartfelt memories and each issue is filled with a rich and vibrant history. Real life stories are presented unvarnished by the people who experienced them and are wrapped around treasured photographic memories of past and present day.

For seniors, by seniors, about seniors!

For Seniors

The Senior Paper cherishes the precious memories of the past. Great stories and timeless photos from the good ol' days are what make The Senior Paper loved by seniors from coast to coast!

By Seniors

Stories in The Senior Paper are shared by seniors and are about their own life experiences. Printed in large, easy-to-read type with a clutter-free format, it is enjoyable to read is easy to relate to!

About Seniors

Our subscribers are part of a vibrant community of seniors across Canada sharing stories and photos from bygone eras – along with their original poetry, delicious recipes, and much more!


It is full of nostalgia, interesting facts, and history written by people like us. Whether about the prairies, mountains, cities or villages, there is a connection to all of us.

Betty E., Saskatchewan

Subscriber since 2003

I am an avid reader of The Senior Paper. There is no other that can equal it. As soon as I get it, I set other reading aside until I have devoured it. These old memories are history.

Daisy G., Manitoba

Subscriber since 2004

I will never be without The Senior Paper! if I had not been getting the paper in 2015, I would not be married to the person I went with 62 years ago! (Read Skip's story here...)

Skip F., British Columbia

Subscriber since 2011

A wonderful stroll down memory lane!

We bring seniors together who love to share and reminsice.
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