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Can anyone submit a story for publication in The Senior Paper?

Do you accept media releases for publication?

How long should the story be?

What can I write about?

Do you accept fictional stories?

Do you accept third-person stories?

Do I have to be a great writer or a professional writer to submit a story?

I want to write a story about a time in my life, but I'm not sure how to start it. How should I write it?

How many stories can I send at one time?

When will my story be printed?

What's the difference between a story and a letter to the editor?

Do you accept hand-written stories and letters to the editor?

Is there a cost for printing articles in The Senior Paper?

Do you accept birthday and anniversary write-ups?

Copyright FAQs

Is your publication copyright protected?

What are my copyrights if I submit a story to your publication?

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